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Aurelia Intimates Partners

At Aurelia Intimates we're obsessed with quality. We'd love to have you on board to help grow this amazing brand and community of girls helping girls around the world. If you are accepted you will have access to partners exclusive discounts, earning commissions from sharing to your followers, and lots more awesome rewards & benefits!

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Questions & Answers

How can I become a partner?

First you must apply to become a partner, after you have applied we will go over your application and if you match what we are looking for, our team will discuss if approving you and giving you access to our partners benefits is the right choice.

How do partners earn money?

Aurelia Intimates Partners get a custom discount code to give their followers 20% OFF shopping. When someone uses their code to purchase, partners will earn cash commissions.

What benefits do partners get?

Partner benefits are exclusive to partners only. If you are approved to become a partner you will get access to see all the extra benefits you get.

What are partner collaborations?

We sometimes collaborate with partners to create new content for Aurelia Intimates. For the collaborations we carefully select people who we think will create great content for us to post on our social media and our website. If you are selected to collaborate we will reach out to you.