Our Mission

Aurelia Intimates was founded from the idea that lingerie and intimates shouldn't be a taboo subject but something for us all to enjoy and have fun wearing. For us to be confident, and sexy, and being proud of our bodies. We didn't want to make just another lingerie brand like everyone else. But instead, something we can be proud of, quality we can be proud of, designs we love and wear ourselves. We are all unique and special and at Aurelia Intimates we love that.

Be who you are, love deeply, have fun, be confident, stay sexy, and always help others. 1% of Aurelia Intimates sales goes to children's education, we believe lifting up others starts with education and not everyone is fortunate enough to get that help they need. Let's change that. Let's be girls helping girls, helping the world.

Thank you all for being a part of Aurelia Intimates and our missions. 

Be you, stay true, and love each other.

And remember, love is a drug. Be responsible! xx