Aurelia Intimates Partners

Questions & Answers

How can I become a partner?

To become a partner one of our team members needs to invite you. You can also be refered to become a partner by other partners who let us know you'd be a good fit to be a part of our brand.

How do partners earn money?

Aurelia Intimates Partners get a custom discount code to give to their followers. When someone uses that code with their order, part of the orders value goes to the partner. Partners can also earn money from creating high quality content that we can use for our website and social media marketing.

What benefits do partners get?

Partners get access to all the exclusive partner benefits. Including partner only deals and sometimes free items! Partners can also earn extra cash bonuses for referring certain amounts of people to to purchase.

What are partner collaborations?

We sometimes collaborate with partners to create new content for Aurelia Intimates. For the collaborations we carefully select people who we think will create great content for us to post on our social media and our website. If you think collaborating with us is a good idea you can reach out to us or if you are selected by our team to collaborate we will reach out to you.

Already a partner?